About Us

Dear Beader,

My name is Elizabeth Ward and I have been in the bead business for almost twenty five years. I knew very little about beads and jewelry crafting when I started my first company, Blue Moon Beads, in 1989. My real interest was travel and I had noticed that beads come from every corner of the globe, and are made using an amazing variety of materials. Beads are a perfect business focus for a curious traveler. As my bead importing company grew, my knowledge of how beads are made and how jewelry is constructed grew as well. Over time, my personal collection of beads began to overwhelm my office. Like many jewelry crafters, I tried to organize my “stash” using a variety of storage containers including pull out drawer systems, compartmentalized boxes, zip lock bags, tic tac containers, tubes, even baby food jars! I remained frustrated. I still spent more time searching for what I wanted than making jewelry. Clean-up was time consuming. The various storage containers did not fit together attractively in my office. Since I couldn’t easily see what I owned, I often bought things I already had. Finally, I decided that if after twenty five years of selling and collecting beads I had not been able to find a satisfactory storage system, then it was time for me to develop one. My system’s most important characteristic is transparency. My clear lids and containers allow you to find just what you need in seconds. I hope that you will find that my self-stacking system of trays, bins, and clear containers provide a home for all of your jewelry crafting supplies and allow you to have more fun beading and less time organizing.

Best Regards,